Balgowan Progress Association - Balgowan

Balgowan, South Australia
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Balgowan Progress Association

The Balgowan Progress Association started with a special meeting on 3rd January 1965 at the home of Mr M Norley.  Eleven people were present and a committee was formed of all those attending. They jointly contributed twenty pounds twelve shillings to start the Progress Committee Fund with an account opened at the then Savings bank of SA in Maitland.

Some of the BPA's achievments over the years.
  • The purchase, erection and for many years the maintenance of the (old) CFS shed.
  • The establishment of the caravan park, purchase of washing machines, BBQ, maintenance and upgrades of the grounds and amenities block.
  • Establishment of the playground and all of the components updated. YP Council then assume responsibilty for the area and its fittings.
  • Fencing of the playground
  • The purchase of the pontoon and custom trailer and upkeep.
  • $20,000 plus was donated to Council for the construction of the breakwater.
  • South terrace walkway over the dunes to the beach. The Council assisted with materials and infrastructure but the “heavy lifting” was done by our volunteers (incl a couple of mums) over 2 or 3 weekends. Two other walkways were built further north.
  • The establishment of the tennis court (Welfare Road) subsequently re-located to Lot 1, Moody Road
  • The Clifftop Walkway (approx. 1.3 kms) was constructed primarily with a grant applied for by the BPA  and built by members and the Council.
  • A Heritage park was instigated by the BPA.
  • The BPA have taken part in the Peoples Choice lottery with money raised being returned to the community via various projects. We even had a first prize winner!
  • Memorial plaques placed along the cliftop walk
  • Picnic tables have been placed in various locations around the town.
  • A flagpole has replaced the one near the N beach access road. Flags supplied by the BPA.
  • The BPA provided funding for several garden beds.
  • Our Community / Rec Shed at Lot 1 was built entirely from BPA funds. It now has toilets, pool tables, ping pong and other games available as well as a basic kitchen. Solar panels have been added as well as a large tv and CCTV with remote monitoring. Improvements will continue as funds become available.
  • The BPA has supported our local CFS unit with donations.
  • Tables and seating established at Pt Warrenne.
  • Established a bottle and can collection area next to the Caravan Park amminities block. All funds raised go directly to the BPA.
  • Shades installed in the caravan park and playground.
  • Instigated the bin return service for those who subscribe.
  • Maintains a good relationship with the Council resulting in many tangible improvements in the town
  • Outdoor excercise equipment near playground
  • Large portable shade for use during swimming lessons
  • Extended the RecShed to cater for more people
  • Installed WiFi at the campground, free for the use of campers.
  • Currently liasing with YP Council to install an RV dump point near the toilet block.

Commentary based on an article written by Peter Martin

BPA Committee Members 2023/24

President               Sam Johns

Vice President      Benjamin Sporton

Secretary           Steve Southwood

Treasurer            David Clasohm

Public Officer         TBA

Committee            Cheryl Pain

Committee          Rosie Adams  

Committee          Bruce Clasohm

Membership to the BPA is $5.00 per adult, with the membership year beginning on the 1st of October ending on the 30th of September.
Our bin return service is also available with the subscription covering the same dates as membership.
This is a service provided which ensures that your bin is stored off of the road side after it is emptied by contractors.
You put it out and we put it back!
The BPA financial year is from 1st September till the 31st of August.
Generally the AGM will be held on the Sunday evening of the October long weekend.

Please note that a receipt will not be provided unless requested for any payments received.
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