The Outport - Balgowan

Balgowan, South Australia
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The Outport

Balgowan the Outport
A Captain’s Nightmare---Farmers’ Delight
By Stuart M. Moody

A book about the difficulties, frustrations  and determination faced by the pioneers of this area to establish a shipping port for the export of bagged grain on the western side of South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula from the 1880s to the 1950s.
The wheat farmers, the ships and the shipping of grain, shipwrecks and memories from those who knew the port during its working days are all included in Balgowan the Outport

Book details:
Soft cover, 148 pages, 280mm x 201mm
200 b/w and 75 coloured photographs
                                            Price: $42-00 from the author                                               

Contact:Stuart M. Moody,
PO Box 259,
South Australia 5573
Mob:  0429-322398

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